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March 05, 2007


It's not clear to what, precisely, you're objecting here. Is it all of the characterizations, or only "fascist"? It's hardly news that the Bush Administration has authoritarian impulses, promotes extreme nationalism, and was (at one time) constructing a fairly cult-like following of the President among hardcore Southern Evangelical Republicans. That gets you to the right neighborhood, if not to "fascism" itself.

If it were possible to use the term fascism in a definitional rather than historical sense in a political debate, you are completely right "SomeCallMeTim" that the current incarnation of the Republican Party does have fascist tendencies.

However, the overblown rhetoric that calls the Republicans a party of "hate, intolerance, incompetence, greed, treason, fanatical, hostile to science and reality, and totally corrupt" is totally overblown, inaccurate and unhelpful. (Though that description could be accurately and profitably applied to certain members of the party.)

I equate this to the anti-drug advertising. So drugs are bad, m'kay. Many of them are really, really bad for you. As many Republican policies would be and have been bad for the country and the world. But there is also a time and place for the usage of legal and illegal drugs as there are times and places for market-based economic reforms, international armed conflict and so on.

Having a policy of insane hyperbolic take-downs of all Republicans blinds us to the time when they have useful things to share. But it also sets the rest of the country who aren't vicious partisans (such as yourself?) to get exposed to some Republican thoughts(/drugs) realize they aren't all that bad and then think that all of the other warnings that they received about them must have been bunk too.

It has been said elsewhere, but this dynamic is probably going to work greatly in favor of Hillary Clinton. Republicans have been so willfully hyperbolic in casting her as the Demon Queen of Hell that once people get to realize that she isn't said Demon Queen, they might take quite a shine to her.

Eh, I sort of read that the opposite way, that they were unwilling to be as fiery as the readers demand. But that's just my interpretation.

When was the last time the Republicans had a good idea to share?

Not snarking--seriously.

The terms used to discribe the current state of the party are, sadly, accurate. Years ago Republicans were just the party of people who only cared about their tax rate, but now the party is controlled at the top by robber barons and at the bottom by relgious extremists. The only normal people left in the party are the ones who aren't paying any attention.

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