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April 26, 2007


There are certain perpetrators, like the Hulk, who we have good reason to believe we cannot keep locked away. People who are serious about policy have to prepare for the most unlikely events. Like an invasion by Canada. Or a rampaging Hulk.

I was going to say that life in prison, or at least some very long stretch, seems to be working in Wisconsin, and has since the 1830s...

But I really hadn't considered The Hulk.

Good point.

Great post! I am sharing it at the Mitt Report.

Though I'm not sure if this is what Brownback met, there are people who we're not protected from even when they are in prison. Some prison gangs, like the Aryan Brotherhood, continue to operate when the leaders are in jail and even in solitary confinement. When I read about that, it was the first time I really reconsidered my position on the death penalty... since even supermax prisons weren't preventing leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood and other prison gangs from ordering murders. So maybe I agree with Sam Brownback.

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