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April 30, 2007


Do you think it's possible this opens the door for the Duke Lacrosse Team to throw their gear into the ring?

You must have watched a different "Meet the Press" than I saw. What I saw (and heard) on Sunday morning was a thoughtful, intelligent, informed U. S. Senator speaking about a subject which doesn't lend itself to bumper sticker soundbite solutions.

Has our attention span gotten so short under the Bushies that we can't absorb thoughtful, nuanced answers? What I heard on Sunday morning was the most knowledgable person in the U. S. Senate about foreign policy giving the country (and Russert) a history lesson on the Middle East and why his approach is the only way that has a chance to bring this misbegotten war to a successful conclusion.

I also heard a leader who has the capacity to adapt his approach to the Iraq problem based upon the reality of the moment amid changing circumstances.

If that's "rambling," we should all be able to "ramble" in such an informed way.

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