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April 23, 2007


I reckon you're giving Biden too much credit for thinking before he spoke. Watching him question witnesses at Senate hearings is at once both horrifying and compelling. He meanders, he rambles, he doubles back on himself, he attempts to ingratiate himself with the witness, until finally, mercifully, his time expires. Why should we assume that Candidate Biden is any better able to edit himself or any less prone to verbal diarrhea?

but how is the "Gingrich revolution" responsible for Virginia Tech or Imus?

But for the 1994 revolution, the North would have come to terms with the split in this country and crushed the South. We weren't going to leave you any schools either (except UNC, out of respect for Dean Smith), so no VT. Which means no VT shooting.

Imus was to be the first one put through the reeducation program; at the end, Don would have become Donna, and Donna would have been more careful with her gender words.

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