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April 18, 2007


If Obama's "goo-goo" appeal is so limited why are the crowds so big, thhe small donor base so broad, and thhe favorable ratinngs so high? Obama's "ggo-goo' appeal workks with people who are not political obsessivves prescisely becuase it is broad and thematic. I get that intellectual cringe reaction, too, from this particluar speech, but I'm a news junkie. Most people aren't. Most people know thhat there isn't a specific law or a nice neat proposal that will solve the problem of individual rage. On the other hand, a nice sermon about hope feels a lot better than a lot of partisan yelling and does less harm. Obama has a very good track record generating practical, legislation to address real problems, so I don't mind the abstractions and many, many people outside thhe blog world like them.

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