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April 24, 2007


I couldn't agree more, Brendan. Calame is a declawed pussycat. It's heartbreaking to see the way the once-great New York Times has squandered its legacy. Oftentimes one reads it--and its interstices and lacunae--the way analysts used to read Pravda, as a guide to what's the current "line" and what's not fit to be discussed in public.

And those who choose to avert their eyes and pull their punches when criticizing the Times only contribute to its decline.

If only the fearsome Okrent was back!

Maybe they can trade for Deb Howell, then critical issues like the Duke LaCrosse team would be dealt with with the appropproate seriousness

Worthy of commenting upon?


I found it quite interesting. If only others were as open-minded about revising their initial beliefs when confronted with contradictory evidence...

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