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April 05, 2007


"Nonetheless, Chris Matthews is drooling over how Thompson "looks like the daddy figure the Republican Party has been looking around for. He looks classic wise man.""

That has got to be one of the worst reasons to like someone for president I have ever heard. "He looks classic wise man" ???


OTOH, experience is not limited to experience as an elected official.

Minor point, I suppose, when you're bent on spin.

Clinton suporters constantly try to give Hillary credit for experience and accomplishments that belong to her husband and not her. Community property laws only apply to tangible assets, not to intangible assets like experience. She is not entitled to claim half, or indeed any, of her husbands experience or accomplishments.

Sleeping in the white house for eight years does NOT count.

Hey, Kid. The last guy we voted for was a unknown to most of the country and with little experience and what did we get.
The biggest mistake in our voting history.
I will stick with what we know is a winning team Hill and Bill.
Now if you boys will vote for a women we will get this old world back on track... Join me.

Hey boohall,

When Bill Clinton was first elected he was also "unknown to most of the country and with little experience."

And which is the important part? The "unknown to most of the country?" Or the "little experience?"

Hillary is certainly not unknown but she still has little experience. I'll repeat--sleeping in the White House for eight years doesn't count as executive experience.

Why is it that only in politics do we think that way? No-one would claim that being married to an engineer makes one an experienced engineer... but somehow we think that being married to a President makes her an experienced executive. It does not.

Recall the first Clinton election? She was supposedly going to be virtually a part of her husbands cabinet. "Two for one" is what they said. But she screwed up royally on the first (and only) job he gave her and that was that as far as her having any official role in the administration other than the traditional role of First Lady, i.e. 'Hostess -n- Chief.'

I agree with mistaplex. GWB got elected to the governor and then President, not because he was standing on his own accomplishments, but becus of who his father is.

Hillary Clinton is doing the same, the only difference is it's husband and not father in her case.

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