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April 27, 2007


The worst thing about Orrin Hatch's statement is that he can't keep this thoughts straight. It's not capitulation to appeasement. It's appeasement, or it's capitulation to terror tactics. I think the latter is both syntactically correct and an accurate description of the desire to abandon Iraq because the terrorists there continue to murder civilians and Iraqi and American peacekeepers.

Note, btw, that when someone in Iraq kills thirty civilians, he's called an insurgent, and the lesson the Democrats draw is that our efforts at keeping the peace there have failed and we should withdraw. When someone kills thirty civilians at an American school, he's not an insurgent, he's a sociopath, and no one suggests that because the cops have failed to prevent every would-be killer, it's time to withdraw the cops and let the students fend for themselves.

You can probably add the comments McCain made during his appearance on the Daily Show this week:

Stewart: Shouldn't we get away from the language of "win or lose" in Iraq and get more to a descriptive kind of success, with metrics — deadlines, if you will, timetables?

McCain: If you'd prefer to set a date certain for surrender, sure. Yeah, absolutely, if that is what you want

If the Baath or al-Queda elements of the insurgency take over Iraq they will use the oil revenue to build a war machine. They will use the war machine to increase their oil holdings and/or ally with Iran to wage some kind of war or blackmail against Europe and/or the US.

The oil revenue of Iraq is sufficient to build nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. Not just dirty bombs. This cannot be allowed to happen.

If the US pulls out too quickly, the alternative is an insurgency takeover or some kind of bloodbath, probably by the Shia against the Sunni. The Kurds might help. A peaceful compromise in the absence of significant US power in Iraq is terribly unlikely.

However much you hate George W Bush you should hate an insurgency takeover in Iraq even more.

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