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May 15, 2007


Brendan, you tried to pawn yourself off to my producer as a down the middle fair minded analyst, when you wanted to be a guest on my radio show, but you've shown yourself a leftie hack.

For instance, your article above fails utterly to deal with my arguments. I have, repeatedly explained why I start the evaluation of the President's economic policies in 2003. You ignore those reasons. In fact, you leave out that the fact than I was writing articles in 2001 in which I predicted (correctly) slow growth.

I'll try once more. Tax cuts which leave out the wealthy have very little ability to stimulate the economy, because, well, the wealthy have more money. The 2001 cuts, almost completely deferred the high income bracket cuts. This ommission is a pitiful oversight in your article. I'm ashamed that I ever recomended your site to my listeners.

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