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May 23, 2007


I have to wonder if this information has been reviewed by a loyal Bushie. Then "properly adjusted" to meet their version of reality. I can only assume that revisions made to "science" matters is applied to all departments of the Bush partisan (don't bother us with the Constitution) government.

The revision to traditional hiring practices to one requiring political discrimination at the DOJ has certainly been done in all departments; EPA, FDA, GSA, NLRB, IRS, et al. This crime is not being reported. Someone needs to connect the dots.

As with most series over this time period, what we really see is life got better during the Clinton years but worse after that. Funny - the George W. Bush crowd are touting evidence which shows on closer inspection that things did improve duing the 1990's.

Why does the WSJ refer to Nancy Pelosi as "Ms." Pelosi, but to Hillary Clinton as "Mrs." Clinton. Wouldn't editorial style require consistency?

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