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June 06, 2007


Isn't "smear" an awfully loaded word for Ailes' tongue-in-cheek ridicule of the Democratic candidates? Did your previous post smear Mo Dowd when you called her a mind-reader? I wouldn't have thought so, but if we're going to use the word as loosely as you have, we'd have to say you've been at least as guilty of smearing as Ailes.

You really don't get that Marshall was making fun of the wording Ailes used? Ailes inadvertently linked Fox and Al Qaeda through parallelism, and Marshall teased him about it. This is cause for self-righteous tut-tutting?

(On the other side, can Rob please point out to me what exactly is "tongue-in-cheek" about what Ailes said? Seems completely serious to me, and I somehow can't imagine anyone laughing after he said it.)

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