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June 25, 2007


Note that President Bush's limitation on stem cell lines eligible for federal funding applies only to embryonic stem cell lines. Research on non-embryonic stem cells is fully eligible for federal funding.

You wouldn't know that to read most criticism by Democrats of the White House position. Do they not understand the distinction? Doubtful. They choose to ignore the distinction because they wish to smear President Bush. Imagine that, Brendan: liberals smearing their opponents.

Thanks Rob - I added the word "embryonic" above to make sure this was clear.

On the other hand, I suspect you know little about how research in health works - especially its financing.

Making research using embryonic stem cell lines ineligible for federal funding (crucial: NIH) makes said research incredibly hard to pursue.

Talk to health researchers about what life without federal funding is like. They will fill you in on many relevant details.

The word "embyronic" is what has caused all the controversy in the first place. The research is conducted on "blastocyst" stem cells.

In one way, doctors and researchers are mislabeling their own product when they refer to fertilized eggs (zygotes, morulas, and blastocysts) as embryonic stem cells. The media is simply repeating this misnomer and fueling the flames of argument.

Yes, the cells are within the first two-month stage of development that is covered by the term “embryonic”; however, in vitro processes have opened a door that was previously unknown.

Even though the term “human embryonic stem cell” (hESC) is widely used by the scientific community, it suggests that a tiny baby has been formed in the lab. This is not scientifically possible.

An embryo is not automatically formed when eggs are fertilized in vitro. A blastocyst can only become an organism or embryo if it has implanted in a uterus where it receives proper nourishment to differentiate into all the cells and organs required to form a human being. IVF eggs cannot develop to the next stage and become an embryo while in the lab.

Y Perry
Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America

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