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June 07, 2007



Someone brought the article “When Crazy Candidates Attack” to my attention. This was certainly a blast from the distant past. The use of subliminal advertising was barely a topic of interest when I learned about it during the 1978 Senate Campaign. I also learned too late that it would have been better not to mention it at all. My thinking at the time was that it could have been a set-up whereby someone else could have discovered subliminals and accused me of using them in my campaign literature. As a “conservative” candidate I could have been perceived as being guilty of using Nixonian-type dirty tricks. As it turned out, it was a no-win situation. Being up-front about such a bizarre occurrence was unwise. There was a TV reporter in Southern Maine, John Donvan, who actually confirmed subliminal implants in the campaign literature but by then the damage had been done.

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