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June 22, 2007


Noonan is an experienced politico. No more, but no less, valid than hundreds of others. She smells Hillary behind the "Hillaryis44.com", and may very well be right. Joe Klein denied for months that he was the author of "Primary Colors." Doesn't mean that Hillary's wrong to try anonymity; instead, it is just how the game is played these days.

Judging from the site, I'd say the writers of "Hillaryis44" seem too dumb to be actually working for the Clinton campaign.

Noonan is a political hack. She doesn't care about facts or evidence. Smear Clinton? Why that's her reason for living? Only an idiot would believe that the Hillary camp is behind Hillaryis44.com. Noonan is certifiably so.

What is the "Keating Five"?

Hillary & Bill are two sinister characters who had a taste of power & as a result have become two power hungry & money hungry people. They talk a good game and many have seen through them. Many people commented on c-span indicated on the 8th of June 08. I do not think Hillary would have won the election, Obama or no Obama. Bill Clinton a former Prisident could not save Hillary from her Dark side coming through, & Chelsea could not inspire her peers. So Hillary's supporters became older women and RACISTS who think they are voting in a COLOUR contest not an election. While their country & its economy & their housing markets have come into recession & oil prices are sky rocketing. Hillary Clinton inspired RACE hate, racial divide, and all the negatives in America political past and have no place in the future. If Hillary runs again the kind of damage she has done will only come back to haunt her. Hillary was the only one who used RACE in her campaign. The Republicans stayed away from that in fear of ailianating Black votes, Hillary was too stupid in that regard and too disrespectful of Black Americans to ever re-capture their imaginations again from what I can see, I would be shocked if Hillary got the place of Vice President. McCain would have all the attacks on vedio to use against both Obama & Hillary. Hillary's style of campaign had no professionalism in it, because they lack after thought, of what if I don't win. She knew she never wanted OBAMA as VP, because she had Bill Clinton lined up as VP, and Chelsea lined up for a super job some where turning Governing America into a family business. The Clinton Dynasty, setting the road map, for a JEB BUSH & then Chelsea Clinton. Americans don't know what a lucky escape they had.

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