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June 26, 2007


One can only imagine what Mr. Taranto would have thought of John Adams' defense of the British soldiers at the Boston massacre.

Seth, do you seriously think John Adams would have taken offense at being described as acting on behalf of the British soldiers? Of course not. He was acting on their behalf, and he didn't pretend he wasn't.

P.S. Five things John Adams never said:

1. I'm not acting on behalf of the British soldiers, I'm acting on behalf of Magna Carta.

2. Gadzooks, I've been smeared!

3. Waaaaah, why are they questioning my patriotism?

4. We should set a timetable for the end of the War for Independence--and tell the King what it is. If the King hasn't surrendered by then, we should disband our forces and admit the war is lost.

5. I did not have ſexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinſky.

"Senate Democrats, joined by Republican Arlen Specter, have introduced legislation that would restore habeas rights to AMERICANS..."

Fixed that for ya.

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