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July 04, 2007


Why should Hillary, or anybody for that matter, acquiece their right to choose their own path in life to the prejudice of another person?

Isn't the persuit of happiness, irregardless of a spouse's resume, the right of every American, be they woman or man?

Right on JoeCHI. I am so tired if people suggesting Hillary should not be running because her husband was president. That's fair. NOT. Bill is an asset to the campaign. He's a popular former president set to be the nations first First Man. Obama and Edwards have their wives going all over the state raising support for them , why shouldn't Hillary let her spouse do the same?

I disagree with most of Hillary Clinton's positions, but she's just so damned likable!

I would in fact recommend everyone (but especially Hillary-bashers) to take the gender-related implicit attitude test:


In fact, I would love Brendan Nyhan to take it, and post his results.

He might be in for a surprise.

Brendan, are you willing to do this?

There are lots of good reasons to oppose dynastic politics and to oppose Hillary Clinton on her own merits. But the fact that the media falls into its worst habits when it comes to covering "Billary," or Hillary alone, isn't one of them. Do we want to give Maureen Dowd the power to extort our votes?

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