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July 02, 2007


(e) None of the above. Andrew Rosenthal and Nora were at this divine party on the Vineyard and Nora happened to mention how she had her eye on an absolutely killer Prada bag but didn't feel right spending $2500 on it. "Nonsense," said Andrew, "just knock out some little piece of shit for the op-ed page and you can get that bag and a Fendi belt to go with it. It will be Pinch's pleasure." And so everyone on the Vineyard went to bed happy that night, and the moon shone bright on the Upper West Side.

Don't forget that this is the woman whose last film was a horrible update of the '60s sitcom "Bewitched."
Compared to that, this op-ed is both hilarious and cutting edge.

Answer: B, C & D.


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