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July 27, 2007


So that's what Norm Ornstein is an expert in. I thought he was just an expert in getting his punim on TV, famous for being famous.

I saw this on thecapitolist.com, I'm not sure where they got it but it seems relelvant.

"Republicans on both committees used several parliamentary tactics to dealy the committee proceedings. In Ways and Means, clearks read the text of the nearly 500-page bill for almost for hours before the committee began debating the bill.

Energy and Commerce ranking member Joe Barton, R-Texas, pulled a similar stunt, forcing the clerk to begin slogging through a 465-page bill at about 6 p.m., which might put off substantive debate until today.

At one point during the debate on that motion, Dingeel threatened to shut it down uning a tactic that Republicans said had never been used in the committee.

Democratic aides noted that when in the minority, Democrats never forced clerks to read the bill."

So you think Bush gets a freebie on the US Attorney firing scandal? That is pretty cynical.

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