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July 19, 2007


Does the Pentagon "smear" Senator Clinton when it sends her a letter which she, apparently, then chooses to release to the Associated Press? (The A.P. uses the passive voice to say the letter "was obtained" by the A.P.; according to the New York Times, the full letter then appeared on Senator Clinton's website.) Some smear.

I think "smear" was probably the wrong word (or it's used differently these days).

It would seem more accurate to say she was "rebuked and attacked".

It's a simple question (planning for an end to the conflict) that should have been addressed five years ago, prior to authorizing military action. A preemptive invasion, a war that we declared on our own terms and on our own time-table, should have had an "end game" strategy. Or several.

Apparently the military/political issues weren't thought through at all.

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