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August 03, 2007


"Persuasion" rate seems like a loaded term. Is that what news media do--persuade voters how to vote? If that term were used to describe the consequence of obtaining news from CNN, MSNBC, the major networks, wouldn't you find that objectionable?

Perhaps a more benign interpretation of these data is that the marketplace of ideas is alive and well. When the marketplace of ideas was enhanced by the addition of Fox News, voters responded. That suggests that perhaps the marketplace of ideas they'd been offered prior to the introduction of Fox News was deficient.

Rob -

By "the marketplace of ideas" do you mean "the marketplace of opinions”?

Presenting a constant and consistent (as in unchanging) set of opinions is acting to persuade.

Additionally, the act of being persuaded is not a beneficial thing in itself. It doesn't prove that any "enhancement" has occurred.

A real enhancement occurs when ideas are introduced and debated (in conjunction with the actual facts) and people are able to make informed decisions on their own.

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