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September 27, 2007


Now you're being a little silly. Where did President Bush say the people/organization that attacked us were in Iraq, or even if Afghanistan?

What is incontrovertible, is (1) that Al Qaida is responsible for the attacks and (2) that Al Qaida is in Iraq NOW. Why would we NOT want to fight Al Qaida wherever they are?


In your "particularly egregious example" could you point out exactly where Bush erred?

Are you saying Bush is claiming that the very individuals who planned and/or carried out 9-11 are those we are now fighting in Iraq? If so, where does he say this?

Or are you saying that, beyond the similarity in names, there is no connection among al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda in Afghanistan, al Qaeda in Pakistan, al Qaeda in Saudi, al Qaeda in Egypt, and so on?

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