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October 24, 2007


Call me a Jeremiah and a scold, but maybe Guiliani really does need to be "America's Mayor". His soft social policies, pro-banking predisposition, order first, rule of law second attitude, and "let's roll" tough guy posturing really do "appeal to the belligerent authoritarian" in all of us. And at this point, after a half-decade of cheerleading for a run-away fiscal policy that engendered an environment where renting was seen as the domain of second-class citizens because "real estate never goes down" and four years of "It is worth it" (Son of Bush) and "the surge is working" and "Our second-generation armed forces *can* defeat a popular fourth-generation insurgency" and "Oil will be at $35 by the end of 2007", and a $600+ billion dollar defense budget, it's time for the hangover to start.

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