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October 01, 2007


Teh Stupid iz Rudy!

Well so much for drowning the beast in the bathtub. I mean, which is it? Are you shrinking it and drowning it, or are you bloating it? Answer: BOTH!!!

Dude, you can't give recently privatized no-bid contracts to your cronies if you actually keep revenues at viable levels. Don't you understand the plight of the rent-seeker?

i can't believe this retard will be our next president--wait, i can

I guess the question here is does the economy grow if taxes are cut? It's certainly doubtful that the claim can be made that tax cuts pay for themselves, and to what extent; the opposite argument is that if you raise taxes does the economy slow? And are those tax increases offset by other goodies such as a 500,000 tax free homeowner exemption for example? Is the tax code so convoluted that no one knows how people benefit?

Too many variables when it comes to taxes to draw conclusions such as "tax cuts pay for themselves" or "tax cuts don't pay for themselves".

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