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October 04, 2007


While I generally agree that we should be be skeptical of media narratives, this one may actually be true. It's certainly the case that he had to ask for applause at one Iowa gathering, as seen in this embarrassing video:


Some of us are very familiar with Nagourney's twisting of the facts. I take everything he writes with a bucketful of salt.

I don't understand the point of speculating on a writer's credibility without posting links to some kind of information that supports that it is false. Since it's almost impossible to escape some kind of documented media of an event, especially one involving a Presidential candidate, it should be easy to corroborate. The Youtube video above appears to be the actual event that Nagourney was writing about.

The video was on the Colbert Report, too. Stephen Colbert offered some good pointers for Thmpson: now I really want to see the video of Fred Thompson trying to warm up a crowd by yelling the name of their city...

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