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October 03, 2007


American voters often judge Presidential candidates on the qualities of their character, and they tend not to like phonies. Whether Senator Clinton's laugh is sincere or is "calculated, strategic, and revealing of [her] innermost character" is a decision that voters are entitled to make, and that people are entitled to talk about. Brendan's wish to stifle such discussion is subject to this highly-analytical criticism.

I hope all here appreciate the richness of Brendan's referring to a Media Matters piece for his post on stupid criticisms of politicians.

Brendan, what did you think about your buddy Jon Chait's writing in TNR that he hated the way Bush walked? How about Chait's saying he hated Bush because he reminded Chait of obnoxious rich kids Chait knew in high school?

This deal about Clinton's laugh is stupid too, but Brendan's bias is in plain view if he thinks Clinton is being treated unusually.

What's amazing is how many national journalists take their queues from comedy shows. Stewart's skewering of Clinton was funny, but it was meant to be funny. It wasn't meant to be a serious analysis of Clinton's character. Just an example of, "wasn't that a bit odd?" poking of fun.

I expect Stewart would be dismayed as anyone that people would take a joke about Clinton's laugh as being the foundation of a serious political analysis.

But of course, we must remember that this is the same media establishment that tooks it cues for criticizing Al Gore's 2000 debate performance from a sketch on Saturday Night Live!

My laugh? Your yellow-tooth grin is lookin' pretty sinister too!

Well, really more creepy in a "hi little girl - want some candy?" kinda way.

keep up the mediocre work!!!!

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