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November 04, 2007


It's interesting that Senator Obama seems to draw a distinction between "corporate" lobbyists and lobbyists for labor or interest groups or purported do-good organizations. If there should be transparency about meetings with Microsoft, there should also be transparency about meetings with the National Education Association and the N.A.A.C.P.

And if Senator Obama is really serious about this kind of transparency, there's nothing stopping him from making public the meetings he and his Senatorial and campaign staff members have with lobbyists. I expect him to start this practice just about as soon as I expect Senator Clinton to cause the release of the records about her activities in the White House.

Obama can start by retroactively disclosing the substance of his dealings with the guy who helped him buy his house in Chicago. Press disinterest in Tony Rezko be damned. Show us how it's done Barack.

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