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November 18, 2007


I think the larger point goes to the Republican obsession with "character," rather than with the platform and policies the candidate is espousing.

This logic flaw is why Bush thinks it is a deep insight to say that Ashcroft has a "good heart," or that he has looked into Putin's soul and found a good man.

The Republicans' ability to sell this logic flaw to the independents of this country is why they have been able to win elections in the past. All they have to do is build up their guy's character and tear down their opponents.

Reagan wasn't a bigot. He was worse. He actively wooed the bigots using bigoted code words while at the same time knowing that it was bigoted.

I'll take an honest bigot any day.

But is not the point that Democrats started using race-baiting as a strategy? We'll give African-Americans x, y, z. So, if Reagan was implying that he was going to protect the rights of non-African-Americans, what is exactly bigoted? One can be white and NOT A BIGOT to disagree with and find self-detrimental Affirmative Action, the Civil Rights Act (which tramples civil liberties), or unconditional welfare (which does disproportionately benefit African-Americans.


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