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December 09, 2007


I understand what you are saying, but the ethics questions are truly important, not just because they are scandalous and good headlines, but also because they speak to his personal judgment and whom he chooses to surround himself with while he might be in office. They show he is a hypocrite : pretending to be Mr. Law and Order, going after white collar crimes, mobsters, squeegee men, but in his personal life and professional life he does business with corrupt people and countries for $, he is close friends and associates with Bernie Kerick who has absolute mob ties and Allan Placa, a defrocked priest who allegedly molested little boys and now helps other accused priests escapee prosecution, he engaged in multiple barely concealed, torrid affairs and broke up with his wife during a press conference, he employed Police officers to squire around his mistress on shopping expeditions, he fired the few good people who got things done in NYC and were responsible for all the improvements that he now takes credit for (Bill Bratton, Rudy Crew, another School's Chancellor I can't remember and his first Fire Chief) while putting his trust in corrupt, blundering meat heads like Kerick. And Russert didn't even ask him about the near race-riots that happened under his NYC tenure - he is an out-and-out racist and did real harm to this city with his dismissive, intolerant attitude to black people and also towards artists. Not to mention all of his bad decisions before, during and after 9/11. The guy is immoral and inept and does not know how to build consensus because he is a tyrant, a megalomaniac and, frankly, quite insane. He is unfit to be dog-catcher, forget about President of the United States. I would have gone after him harder.

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