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December 14, 2007


"Food miles" isn't a stupid concept, and we should probably be mindful of them. It's without doubt better to eat food that traveled a short distance, though I am more concerned with the foreign oil input and the subsequent geopolitical stupidity than the atmosphere. But carbon footprints are a stupid grounds for policy. Tax the pollution at the point of creation.

Just stop eating and procreating. After enough of you are gone, there will be enough resources to go around. Start today!

Tax the fuel at the point of sale. That will act as an incentive to conserve and to innovate.

Europe and Japan have done this for decades and per capita consumption is considerably below our own.

It's in our national, ecological and long-term economic interest to do so.

@ Howard: taxing point of sale works too--i was assuming the cost would get passed on prior to that, hoping that it would be "internalized" to more of the process.

@ FoolsRushIn: hey, i hope you like $4/gallon. Hate to break it to you, but the more hamburgers you eat,the more expensive the oil (not a renewable resource the last time i checked) that gets the beef to you costs, unless you live on an abattior. And the more expensive oil is, the more you can shell out in taxes to pay for military spending. So have fun misrepresenting that Laffer curve.

@some guy

Oil not renewable? Check again:


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