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December 17, 2007


We kind of ask for it when we post Swat stickers all over everything, no?

Goldberg may have an out. Nazis are not generic fascists, they are specifically genocidal racist fascists.

Mussolini, who invented fascism, did not push the genocide, he merely failed to stop it — Overwhelmed by his stronger ally. The early days of Italian fascism, even when in power, were not genocidal like the Nazis.

So maybe that's the distinction Goldberg is making.

Of course, none of this persuades me Goldberg is right on his issues. I haven't even read his book.

With a January 8th release date, we should at least see a release sometime in August, or maybe early 2009.

(If someone buys the book from your link, Brendan, do you profit? Seems kind of bizarre...)

I too would like to see how goldberg defended himself on this - even though its obvious he will try to parse the differences between making analogies with "nazis" and show how very different "fascists" are in comparison.

But we know his true intent was to associate fascists with nazis, given the hitler likeness of his perception of smiley faced liberals.

Goldberg shouldn't be so peeved at the analogies between the nazi and repub parties today -- When i do it, its always about the danger signals from the 1930's repeating themselves: Like, by the way people are so easily convinced that foreign enemies want to destroy them, how purity is important and that the sick mentality of the lynch mobs, furthering a nazi agenda, was a form of providence,

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