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December 31, 2007


Goldberg may believe that by making his opinions more inflammatory they become more substantial.

He really isn't much above Ann Coulter in that regard.

Where Ann might say might say "godless" or "degenerate", Goldberg simply denounces as "fascistic".

David Oshinsky seems to enjoy taking a dip in the same pool of verbal excess as when he says, for example, that JFK had a "Nazi-like cult of personality that he buffed to gleaming perfection."

The review is lacking in that it never tells us what constitutes oppressive liberal "government coercion" or who "America’s numerous liberal-fascist elites" really are - but Oshinsky seems to concede that these are indeed ugly realities propagated by the Left.

If only Jonah Goldberg had accepted my offer of help. My version of "Liberal Fascism" would have gotten a much better review.

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