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January 11, 2008


The funny line here is "Republicans are adjusting their priorities to win back the anxious middle class." It shows you how inauthentic the Republican Party is (to use a term Carl Rove likes to aim against whichever Democrat candidate is doing well at the time).

The NEW entitlement programs that Brooks outlines are just the type of Democratic proposals that Republicans have lambasted in the past (say, three months ago). So, according to Brooks, after giving so much back to the upper class, Republicans apparently now feel that the middle class has turned away from them.

In a few short years we will probably see this type of Republican transition with the issues of global warming, conservation and the environment. Reality trumps spin and partisan posturing eventually, but when it does the actors rarely (if ever) say they were wrong in the past.

As with changes to the environment (from high levels of carbon emissions, for example), correcting for past deficit spending will probably be more painful than avoiding (or preventing) it would have been originally.

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