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January 16, 2008


"What I don't understand is how so many libertarians fell in love with this guy -- and gave him tens of millions of dollars -- without knowing anything about him. This stuff is in the public record. Did they not know, or did they just choose to ignore it? The pro-Paul journalists, in particular, have almost no excuse."
Because it is irrelevent. If he's not racist, and says he's responsibile for letting the letters get out, the issue is done. Over. History. Move on!

Why do people support Obama? Or Clinton? Or Giuliani? Or Huckabee? Do not these candiates have their own share of baggage? In fact, I liken the baggage of Paul to that of a carry-on...while I regard the baggage of the other candidates requiring a lift to get onto the plane.

For goodness sake will you PLEASE put things in perspective!

I didn't see the newsletter thing when I read his Wikipedia entry. Therefore I thought things were fine.

Having given him money, it's much different than if I'd never heard of him; the racism is a negative, not a deal-breaker.

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