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January 25, 2008


Well of course the New York Times doesn't endorse Giuliani. They hated him for most of his administration. This is news to you?

In the absence of any real news on the political front, let me introduce the Next Big Idea. I've been agonizing over the difficult choice that African-American women have between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and I think I've come up with a neat solution.

Isn’t it time to make up for past injustices by giving black women two votes? They can vote once for Hillary and once for Barack. Problem solved.

But there's an opportunity here to go even further and show what a well-meaning Government can do for people. Because requiring a trip to the polls places such a burden on hard-working women and therefore represents a form of voter suppression, why not save them the trouble of voting and automatically enter one vote each for Obama and Clinton? No muss, no fuss, no voter ID requirements, no chads, and a solid 100% participation.

This is the kind of caring, progressive, activist Government both Clinton and Obama favor, an example of the way Government can free us from the ugly business of deciding things for ourselves and make the decisions we would make if we were sufficiently enlightened.

It takes a village to vote correctly.

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