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January 29, 2008


You make a good point, and it's not just evangelicals. I've been quite surprised that in this generally enlightened era, so much anti-Mormon animus has been expressed--and at least as often by Democrats as by Republicans.

I readily concede that the story of the origin of the LDS Church is very hard for a rational person to swallow, but (and I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here) so are stories of the burning bush and the virgin birth and the resurrection.

It's also interesting that Romney takes heat for his religion, but at least for him it's the faith of his fathers, the religion he was born into. Harry Reid, on the other hand, made a conscious choice as an adult to convert to the LDS Church, and I've not heard a word said against him because of it.

The other thing working against Romney is the image of plasticity that's been attached to him. Whether or not that image is deserved, the fact is that it's hard to break out of a narrative once it's been accepted by the pundits and the comedians. If you don't believe me, ask Al Gore or Michael Dukakis or Dan Quayle.

The Lieberman endorsement was a good late boost for McCain in parts of Florida.

There is probably an interesting story there of the Giuliani camp working for (and failing to win) that support themselves. It looks like Lieberman didn't really go for McCain till Rudy was already clearly stuck in third place.

Maybe they read the New Yorks Times down in Florida. Maybe Rudy reads the NYT and decided they were right after all...

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