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February 14, 2008


Given that the Democratic nomination contest will almost certainly be decided by the superdelegates, one wonders about the wisdom of Penn's dissing all those superdelegates who are not themselves from the high-population states he regards as "significant."

The reason Mark Penn is spinning like crazy to whoever will listen is that the campaign is pimping him. (Don't expect to hear that on MSNBC, since Hillary Clinton has been successful in stifling dissent there.)

This is the Clinton strategy - diminish the importance of any state/group that votes for Obama - She didn't win South Carolina - it doesn't count because of the black vote. She didn't win Iowa, Washington, etc - well those are caucus states, they don't count (does Nevada count btw?); now it's the latest wins don't count because they're not from significant states.

So if you don't live in California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or New York; not a woman or hispanic; - you just don't matter to the Clinton campaign. That's democracy at work.

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