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February 13, 2008


There's only been one competitive race. I don't think "consistently" means what Penn thinks it means.

Obama (brandishing sword) "My name is Barack Obama. You voted for the war. Prepare to lose."


Exactly 290 words separate these two descriptions of key voter groups (Democratic Party stalwarts in the first instance, and key swing voters in the second) in Mark Penn's February 11, 2008 memo, entitled, "Why Hillary, Not Obama, Is the Democrat to Beat":

"Sen. Obama will have to fall back on core Democratic voters to stay competitive with McCain. But this is where Hillary has already built a powerful base, with overwhelming support among women, Latino voters, and other stalwarts of the Democratic Party. "

...then 290 words (pretty much "blah blah blah blah blah,") then...

"And Hillary's core voters - working class, women, Latinos, Catholics - are exactly the voters that comprise the key swing voters the party has needed in the past to win."

Latinos and women are forced into double duty, both as party stalwarts and swing voters, because there's just not a lot of other voter groups left that the Clinton campaign can talk about.

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