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March 24, 2008


There's a disconnect between you and Cheney. If you believe that two and two are four, you aren't going to change your mind when the polls say it's seven.

Cheney, like a lot of people, sees a real improvement in the last year with the Iraq situation. His only real problem is that he exaggerated it into a "Huge success". When you consider all the exaggerations on all sides of this issue, this one doesn't stand out.

Are you advocating him to say something he does not believe, in order to be more popular?

Brendan asks, "Has any other president or vice president in the contemporary era expressed such open disregard for the views of the public before?"

Yes, Abraham Lincoln did. In fact, Lincoln's treatment of Civil War opponents went far beyond merely ignoring them:

Besides the thousands of his critics Lincoln jailed without due process, thousands more were killed, injured, intimidated, and run out of town by proto-fascist gangs of Republican bully boys called "Wide Awakes." They played a major role in making sure Northern elections turned out right, i.e., Republicans won.


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