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April 13, 2008


How fortunate that the Analyst Institute has been established to aid progressive campaigns. If the first such organization had been formed to aid conservatives, can you imagine the cries of outrage from the academy, the media and Democratic politicians? It would have been seen as a perversion of electoral politics. The names of Karl Rove and Lee Atwater would have been invoked. We might even have heard recollections of the 1950 campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas. But since the Analyst Institute is, as they say, left-leaning, the Republic is safe and no one's feathers are ruffled. Rik Hertzberg can sleep soundly tonight.

And maybe David Horowitz will toss and turn.


But, ah, isn't this very much part of what Karl Rove did do, decades ago? (As well as some other more pernicious things.) If you want to invoke him yourself, go ahead.

What does Lee Atwater have to do with this? (BTW, he denounced many of the pernicious things that he himself had done in the field of politics - at the the end of his own short life.)

Rob imagines something different than reality, and then tells us what he thinks the reaction would be to that imagined thing (by "the academy, the media and Democratic politicians") and then uses that as a cudgel against the same entities.

Isn't that a bit removed from reality - criticizing several groups for how you say they would respond to an imagined situation?

This just sounds like whining. Get out of your "whine cellar". Ha ha ha.

Rob, what the hell are you talking about? This is even sillier than your comments about Obama & Brussel Sprouts.

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