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April 22, 2008


I agree that the evidence is overwhelming that mercury in vaccinations are not the cause, but that does not mean that vaccines are not the cause.

You stated "At least five major studies have found no link between autism and thimerasol. A study released by the California Department of Public Health in January found that the autism rate in children rose continued to rise even after vaccine manufacturers stopped using thimerasol in childhood vaccines after 2001."

To begin, the recommendation for the drug cartels to remove the thimerasol, was just that a recommendation, nothing more. Further more the FDA has done no testing to verify (even though the drug cartels are saying thimerasol is out)whether or not it has been removed. So there is no way to know if thimerasol has been removed. Add the dishonest track record of the drug cartels and you can easily see why they can't be believed.

Also you mentioned the five studies done that disprove the connection between vaccine and autism. However, you must realize those studies were funded by government agencies who have a lot to lose when (and yes it is not an IF anymore it is WHEN) the truth does finally come out.

As to the candidates that are running, only one would have a remote chance of correcting this problem. That is Ron Paul for he does not believe in the forcing of vaccinations on children or their families.

Who's being forced? My wife and I had the choice of whether or not to vaccinate our daughter. We chose to do so.

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