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April 08, 2008


That's Leon Kass being satirical, right?

Please tell me Republican Bush's stem cell policies, the policies that put the brakes on America investing in possibly the most promising health science research in human history, wasn't dictated by a moralistic Luddite who thought that "eating in public is offensive."

Republican Bush's concern over stem cell research always seemed like didactic puffery, but it strains the mind to think that America's stem cell science policy was informed by someone who could seriously write, "it is an embarrassment to human self-command to be caught in the grip of involuntary bodily movements (like sneezing, belching, and hiccuping and even the involuntary bodily display of embarrassment itself, blushing)."

If the revulsion from such tripe shows up on the face, does that count as one of the "involuntary bodily movements" that is "shameful behavior" in the view of this regressive right winger?

Republicans are all to ready to usher back in the Dark Ages.

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