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May 02, 2008


Interesting observation that FoxNews viewers average so wealthy. I have seen similar figures for Rush Limbaugh. His audience has higher-then-average income and education. I suspect the same is true is of CNN and MSNBC. Afeter all, we're talking about people who prefer news to sitcoms or rock music.

Defending Hume, Fox viewers high median income doesn't negate the possibility that they may also have lots of working class viewers. For all we know, Fox may have a higher per cent of working class viewers than other cable news stations.

Also, Fox News has more total viewers than other cable news stations, so it's likely that they has a higher absolute number of working class viewers.

"Fox News appeals to working-class voters" doesn't = "most Fox News viewers are working class." Please carefully consider David's comment if you can't identify the logical fallacy in your post.

Assuming that Fox News has more working-class viewers than (or as many as) the other networks, Hume didn't "make up" anything.

MDP, I'm not claiming that I've disproved Hume's statement in the logical sense you suggest. But when Hume claims "[t]he candidates are going where the [working class] voters are," he's making a suggestion that isn't supported by the evidence. As the quote above indicates, his claim doesn't even seem to stand up in a relative sense against the other cable news channels -- CNN's median income is considerably lower.

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