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May 07, 2008


After many re-issues of these charts, it's perhaps a little late in the day for me to be asking this question, but what exactly is this chart showing, i.e., what does "total [white|black] vote for Obama" mean?

I am confused by the third graph. I read your *Description* as meaning that the right y-axis represents the percentage of black voters who supported Obama. But that doesn't seem right, because the graph shows that in most states less than half of black voters supported Obama, which goes against everything I've read.

It could be that the right y-axis is actually the percentage of Obama voters who are black. But that does not seem right either, because the two values for Indiana (~43 % for white, ~15% for black) should come close to summing to 100% (as there are very few Hispanics and Asians in Indiana) but they don't.

Am I missing something?

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