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June 18, 2008


Let me get this right. Because some Americans have a misperception that Obama is Muslim (though fewer than the number that believe the Government knew in advance about the 9/11 attacks or that believe in UFO's or angels), it's not okay for the McCain campaign to make an issue of Obama's avowed willingness to meet unconditionally with leaders like Ahmadinejad who are Muslim? That's as ridiculous as saying that a statement that "Obama wouldn't know the difference between an RPG and a bong" may "trigger ugly racial stereotypes about him."

This desire to have McCain forego raising legitimate issues against Obama because they may be misinterpreted is understandable in an Obama campaign functionary but certainly not in a serious non-partisan analyst like Brendan. Put down that Kool-Aid, baby.

That does seems like a tenuous case to make on your part, Brendan.

Yes, that religious association has been made.

Yes, "unconditionally" implies we are giving in or backing down (in some unnamed way) and so may even misrepresent Obama's position in that regard.

But I don't see that it's "off limits" to picture those two together, even in the context of implied submission (which itself is very indirect but should be open to debate).

Maybe you are apprehensive about more overt ads to come but this really does seem overly (and unnecessarily) protective. I don't think it should register on the 'Nyhan Smear-o-meter'.

Just my humble opinion.

I showed my disapproval by clicking on the ad early and often. Put a few cents into Brendan's pocket (and take a few out of the McCain campaigns at the same time).

actually found your site while searching to see if anyone else had a problem with this ad. there is no doubt to me that there is more than just an attempted religious link, but also one of just all-around...."doesnt he look JUST like this really bad guy"? unfortunately, those in west virginia will probably fall for it again.

FYI, Ahmadinejad does not have the real power in Iran. His "star" is also sinking in Iranian politics. That is under the thumbs of the mullahs. However, only a smart, fully informed US leader should enter into such a conversation. They are not dummies,

The best way to increase the world's population of suicide bombers would be to attack Iran. The irony of the situation is that the avaerage Iranian is young ans wants to experience the USA. They are smart and know the difference between our government and our ordinary citizens.

you might enjoy these image responses to McCain's banner ad:


i found your website while googling the ad to see what people thought of it. and i have to agree, this ad is a plain attempt to get the votes of the "stupid." putting these two men's faces together like that is a deliberate attempt at fusing them together.

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