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July 28, 2008


Kaine's physical imperfections are not an impediment. Obama will heal him by a simple laying on of hands. Praise Him!

He reminds me of a compressed version of Liev Schreiber. I think Schreiber is 6'3", but Kaine can't be more than 5'9". He does have the square jaw going for him....

Is it important that the VP candidate be good looking? Here are two counter-examples:

Joe Lieberman, no movie star, helped Al Gore get a majority of the votes because his reputation for integrity offset Bill Clinton's shenanigans.

Handsome Dan Quayle didn't do much for George Bush, once he opened his mouth.

I'm sorry: one doesn't get away with being superficial by acknowledging that "maybe I'm being superficial but . . ." Besides, it's not a strategic question but a tactical question. Third, I don't know about Kaine's politics, but shouldn't we at least pretend to care? Finally, who knew that "too hard core for The American Prospect" meant "just right for People."

He's channeling Mr. Spock. Live long and prosper!

Whoa, whoa. Joe Lieberman has integrity? Let's not muddy the waters here. Al Gore would have done better if he didn't have Droopy the Dog as his running mate. And any shreds of "integrity" Lieberman amassed by selling out a President's reputation as a very good President due to personal failings were definitely gone by the time he officially became a neo-conservative between 2004 and 2006.

On the topic of Kaine's eyebrow, that's just idiotic enough to be a McCain/GOP line of attack, so good job writing this and pre-empting it.

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