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August 01, 2008


When the McCain campaign says (on some pretty good evidence) that they're being unfairly smeared as racists, Brendan believes they are delegitimizing simple charges of racial exploitation. Yet Brendan is deaf, dumb and blind complicit when Democrats delegitimize Republican criticisms of Democratic positions on war policy and defense by treating those criticisms as attacks on Democrats' patriotism.

Potter Stewart once said of merger law, "The sole consistency that I can find . . . is that the Government always wins." The sole consistency I can find about Brendan's take on delegitimizing criticism is that the Democrats always win.

As nearly as I can figure, Obama made a big mistake when he specifically tied McCain to the incredibly racist attacks being thrown at him, usually anonymously, all over the internet. It's one thing for Obama to try to mock and defend against these attacks, which I would dare anyone to deny. He's had the same mocking line in every speech he's given since April. It's another thing to accuse McCain of complicity in the smear campaign.

I say big mistake because Obama's goal has to be to keep race as far removed as possible from being the central focus of this campaign. As much as Rob wants to accuse Obama's campaign of smearing McCain as a racist, that's the last thing they want to talk about. If this campaign becomes a contest over who is a racist, Obama will lose. Mark it down.

If I were Obama campaign, I would stand down from the racism battle immediately... apologize for tying McCain to the e-mail smears, etc. Say he's run an honorable campaign as far as race goes. And then hit back hard for his all negative all the time camapign. Hit him for having no policy prescriptions. Hit him for taking both sides of every issue. Hit him hard, but apologize profusely for in any way tying him to the racist crap getting thrown around.

Today, Sen. Barack Obama's chief strategist conceded that the Democratic presidential candidate was referring to his race when he said Republicans were trying to scare voters by suggesting Obama "doesn't look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills." It was a good idea for the Obama campaign to admit the obvious, albeit belatedly.

I didn't care for Brendan's comment, "I don't think there's any question that Obama's race will be made salient by Republicans at various levels..." In today's America, the charge of racism is very serious. People accused of racism can suffer serious punishment and opprobrium. In most universities, being a racist is a lot worse than being a commmunist.

Brendan accused unnamed Republicans of racist acts, based on no information. That's the kind of thing this blog is here to decry.

Obama and his campaign exploited 'political correctness' by accusing anybody who disagreed with him of being a racist ... while still reserving the right for Obama and his supporters to act like racists themselves whenever it served them.
This kept Hillary, the media, and other opponents from fighting back, for fear of being labeled a racist. John McCain however is not allowing Obama to push him around in this way, so congratulations Senator McCain, for having the guts to stand up to Obama's racism ... and for standing up to Obama's falsely accusing others of being a racist.

I didn't care for David's comment, "In most universities, being a racist is a lot worse than being a commmunist."

It implies that that at some universities the converse is true.

David, it's awfully hard to argue that scores of faceless Republicans aren't disseminating unconscionably racist attacks at a breathtaking pace. Have you never gotten an anti-Obama e-mail? Do you never read blog comments? How about the Texas GOP passing out buttons asking if we can still call it the White House if Obama is elected?

Give me a break. To implicate McCain in this was wrong, but the Republican noise machine is already working at full speed, filling the marketplace of ideas with racist smut.

BG, I'm quite sure it's not the case that the Republican noise machine is already working at full speed, filling the marketplace of ideas with racist smut. I'm a registered Republican. I read on and off over a dozen conservative blogs. I occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh. I have never seen or heard a single racist comment about Obama.

I would be willing to believe that some Republicans somewhere may be making racist comments, but it isn't widespread and it certainly isn't organized.

Rush makes Obama's race a central topic of discussion. He refers to it regularly, but I wouldn't say he's a racist.

Even if he was, he wouldn’t reveal it. Nor would he want anyone making racist comments on his show.

One thing Rush does is to project racism onto liberals. He holds Obama's race against him by saying it's used to promote him. He also theorized that liberals want a minority candidate because it makes them feel good and assuages their inner guilt (or some similar psycho-babble). This way Rush can contend it's "the liberals" who make distinctions based on race.

Rush will find someone else who supports these flimsy ideas (that he can quote) so he can't be charged with originating them. He'll need to find someone who isn't a conservative to quote, of course.

This is what he's done with "Barack the Magic Negro" - a song his show wrote based on a corrupted quote from an entertainment writers' editorial. The song makes fun of Obama for not being an "authentic black".

This way Rush can ridicule Obama based on his race, but Rush gets to say that he is only making a caricature of "existing liberal ideas".

There isn't blatant racism on Rush's show. Just racial "card games".

As I hear it, "Barack the Magic Negro" pokes fun, not so much at Obama, but at those blacks who assert that Obama isn't an authentic black. E.g., Jesse Jackson made that criticism if I recall correctly. Or, one might say it's intended to be a funny and entertaining song on the theme of not being an authentic black.

There's every reason to believe that Rush isn't a racist. He invited Clarence Thomas to officiate at one of his weddings. He has chosen to work with a sidekick who happens to be black for many years. He didn't make that choice in order to get credit, because he doesn't make a fuss about it or point it out. Many listeners and critics are probably unaware that "Mr. Snerdly" is black.

It's entirely possible Obama was referring to McCain's ad about currency:


Um, I didn't label Rush a racist.

I’d say Rush uses race as a divisive issue and that he frequently interjects the topic in his broadcasts.

Rush “plays the race card” on a regular basis.

For example, he freely calls other people racists.

He’ll say liberals regularly attack him (and conservatives), falsely, as racists.

He’ll say that a large group of people dwell on past racism and inequality (things like slavery) because they want to denounce America and America's proud heritage.

He’ll say that the degree of racism in our society is exaggerated.

That’s a partial list.

Rush invents, overstates and makes the topic inflammatory (and a focus of anger).

"Rush invents, overstates and makes the topic inflammatory (and a focus of anger)." As distinguished from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Jeremiah Wright and a host of others who invent, overstate and make the topic inflammatory (and a focus of anger)?

There's no doubt Limbaugh loves to be provocative. Give him a break. He's just speaking in the prophetic tradition.

Which one of those people has a radio show broadcasting several hours a day - from hundreds of stations, located in every sate in the country ?

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