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August 25, 2008


In semi-defense of Cohen and the other MSMers who hate the dirty f*cking hippies -- before the rise of the blogosphere, their personal email accounts weren't bombarded with profane hate mail. I know that that's just the way it is now for anyone who writes about politics, but for people who got most of their feedback from the polite Beltway pundit world in the pre-blogosphere days, it makes sense for them to be unprepared for and a bit frightened of this new development.

However, too many of these "independent thinkers" use the fact that they get profane hate mail as an excuse to avoid re-examining their own work to see whether their critics have a point. Joe Klein used this excuse to downplay the liberal blog criticisms for quite a while before largely buying into their worldview.

I don't know, JimmyM. My guess is that, at most, one out of a hundred emails these guys get is profane. They just use that 1% to brand every critic with the same brush.

Of course, that's why people send them emails laced with profanity. Those are the only ones that get noticed.

I'm also amazed that these guys never recognize the irony in the argument that anybody who criticizes them must hate free speech.

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