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October 27, 2008


The link doesn't work. Message says, "Sorry but this page has either moved or cannot be found." Maybe Politico removed this story?

Brendan has fixed the link now. It's perhaps worth noting that Orson Swindle was chosen to do the robocall spot because he was a fellow prisoner with McCain at the Hanoi Hilton. The McCain campaign didn't turn him away from helping because he had a funny name. Their bad, I guess.

It's fine for Brendan to make fun of Swindle's name, but if anyone wants to make fun of Obama's name (his middle name being the H word, and his last name being similar to that of OBL), that would qualify, I believe, as a smear in Brendan's book.

And why stop at making fun of people's names? Let's have a few good laughs at their appearance. There's plenty of people in campaign commercials whose teeth are bad, faces are oooogly, and physique tends to the portly. While we're at it, we could spend some time on how close together Michele Obama's eyes are and how something odd is going on with her mouth.

But perhaps talking about such things would be a little too much like third grade. Sort of like making fun of people's names.

Have some sympathy for Brendan, Rob.

Sometimes there are certain comments that a person just can't help making, when the opportunity presents itself.

...Edwards is saying is that on his first day in office he would submit a bill ending health care coverage for the President, the Congress, and all political appointees on July 20th, 2009, unless by that date they pass health reform that complies with his four "non-negotiable" principles. How likely it is that Congress would pass such a bill is unknown, though if it's a Democratic Congress, Edwards might well get his way in the first days of the Administration.

Edwards may be prettier than Hillary, but politically he's not fit to carry her jockstrap.

Posted by: Rob | November 06, 2007 at 02:42 PM

Heck, I was even sort of nasty toward MartyB once, just because the sarcasm temptation was too great.

Maybe you owe Edwards and Hillary both an apology. (LOL)

Howard, when you're right, you're right. It was wrong of me to say Edwards isn't fit to carry Hillary's jockstrap. He is fit to carry her jockstrap.

When does criticsm amount to a "smear". Some would answer, "When the person being criticzed is Obama."

In fact, most of that ad is positive comments about McCain. The ad's prediction that Obama will take a weak approach to military matters is supported by pointing to various specific actions and comments. In particular, Biden's prediction that Obama will be tested virtually concedes that our enemies will see President Obama as potentially weak.

I'll bet he still has to ask her for permission to get those pricey hair cuts, though.

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