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November 11, 2008


The first direct comparison between Bush and Hitler didn't come until 2007? That's not the way I remember it.

Jonah Goldberg wrote a column in 2003 discussing some of the comparisons that had been made. And the comparisons between Bush and Hitler continued in full force after 2003. Just Google "bush hitler" and look through some of the 1,200,000 hits.

Perhaps you meant to limit your statement to direct comparisons by members of Congress. You may be right about that--though only, I think, if one emphasizes "direct comparison" and ignores indirect comparisons to Nazi Germany.

I suspect that Brendan actually meant, "The first direct comparison between Bush and Hitler by a member of Congress didn't come until 2007."

The term Bushitler has been used so widely and for so long that it doesn't have much impact any more.

Yes, I meant members of Congress - thanks. I clarified the language above.

I only wish that EVERYONE who is comparing Obama to Hilter to thoroughly read their history books. By all of the individuals who have attacked him for his lack of experience, how has he even given example of being like Hitler? Hitler killed millions of people: Jews, Germans, Austrians.. everyone in the region if they did not agree to his doctrine. Horrible experiments were done on children in the name of medical research. Those under his power would inject poison and experimental drugs into one twin and then kill them both and do autopsies and compare their bodies. I feel so grateful to live in a nation where I am able to complain about my government and those in power and not be put in prison, beat, or killed, but with the right of free speech also comes responsibility! Children are hearing this comparison to Hitler and are posting it on MySpace. This has gone too far. Realize that 8 years ago a great number of Americans were not happy with who was elected President of the United States. Now the other half isn't happy. Who is to blame for the problems we have? The Republicans say it goes back to the Carter administration, the Democrats blame the Bush's, at this point does it really matter???? I think of the love everyone in this country felt for our fellow citizens on September 12, 2001. WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THIS! WHAT IS DONE IS DONE! As a nation we need to accept what has happened and do what is asked of us in this time of need. We need to go back to the way we felt about Americans on September 12, 2001 and work toward correcting the problems and quit pointing fingers.

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