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December 12, 2008


but no more than when most union bashers call unions anti-american

Would you care to support your statement with a couple of citations, Paul? The only persons I've seen use "union" and "anti-American" in conjunction are some Internet commenters who equate being anti-union with being anti-American. Where are all those union bashers you speak of who call unions anti-American?

It's ironic for someone born in another country to accuse people of being "un-American."

Furthermore, she couldn't be more wrong. America was founded on the free enterprise system. If either side is "un-American" it's those who support government bailouts.

Granted she backtracked from that language on Meet the Press this morning. She also called out Southern Republican Senators who killed the auto bailout essentially to protect the foreign car manufacturers that call the South home.

After watching Bush reward failure for 8 years, and shovel incredible amounts of money into Iraq, it would be a shame to see Obama reward the United Auto Workers, and shovel incredible amounts of federal money to Detroit. Bush honestly believed that with enough money, he could make a difference in Iraq. Obama may really believe that with enough federal money and pressure, he can get Americans to, you know, voluntarily buy crap like the Chevy Volt. Obama might be able to do that with $20 trillion, but not with $2 trillion, and certainly not with $200 billion. It would be a shame to see Obama follow in Bush's footsteps this way... and our economy will be in even worse shape.

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